Intelligent Content Delivery

Incode – Intelligent Content Delivery – is a signage system designed to purchase, plan, distribute, play back, and report on, digital media. It is built on a rich set of functions, from its very core, Incode Lite Edition (LE), which fits well in to the basic signage needs, to the fully customized Incode Enterprise, which fits well into the needs of advanced content targeting and reporting.

Highly adaptable

Case-by-case customization


We believe that each market and each Customer have their own individual needs for targeting, and provide everything from "plug-and-play" to highly adapted versions of our software.


"Ice-berg model"


Incode is about communicating with your audience. We believe that the day-to-day use of the system should be easy and intuitive, while the business logic should be underneath the surface and "just work". We call it the "ice-berg model".


You choose the hardware


With out-of-the-box support for Windows PC's, Samsung's SSSP-Screens and IAdea's SMIL-based players, Incode is designed so it can easily integrate with any signage player on the market, as long as an accessible API is provided.