Incode Cinema

Incode Cinema is highly specialized towards the cinema industry. Its integration with POS Ticket Systems, Movie databases and Movie media databases, combined with playlist generator and smart-playlist logic, allows your screens to play back content based on your cinema programming automatically, allowing you to spend more time on other Customer reach-outs. 

Nordisk Film Cinemas

The Nordisk Film Cinemas in Denmark and Norway have begun converting all our digital signage screens to use Incode. Incode offers a unique ability to run trailers and other advertising in our lobbies and concession areas. We will be able to run trailers and concession advertising in an automated distribution that optimizes the advertising content to match the scheduled shows based on genres, age groups and tickets sold. We are committed to expanding the use of digital signage in our cinemas and Incode is the best system on the market today.

- Jan Rasmussen, Head of Screen Technology, Nordisk Film Cinemas

Location Norway

We have chosen Incode for our concession sites. Incode is intuitive, straight forward and easy to get started with. We feel Incode suits our needs perfectly due to the possibility to select the available functionality you want. The solution provides me with a great overview of what content is shown on which screens, and enables me to generate and distribute campaigns and other local and/or national digital activities. Using Incode makes it easier to generate and manage our digital presence on all our screens throughout our sites in Norway.

- Christian Heger, Marketing Manager Location Norway

Park Bio Stromstad

The team at Park Bio chose Incode to save time! Automated "Signage technology" frees up time and resources to focus on building our brand "Restaurangbiografen Park #FilmFoodFriends" In layman's terms this means that: We input next week’s lunch menu on Saturday afternoon on our website and Incode will automatically display that information on our Incode screens weekdays between 11am and 3pm. As for our cinema, the Incode automation will download movie titles screening times, price, ratings etc. from our ticket system. No Photoshop and manual production of jpg's! Restaurangbiografen Park is a combined restaurant and movie theater in central Strömstad, Sweden. We currently have 28.000 visitors per year in a city with about 12.000 inhabitants.

- Björn Sjöstrand, Cinema Manager Park Bio