Incode Enterprise

The Incode-team believes a well-functioning signage-system should drive revenue-increase, reduce costs, or preferably a combination of both. To make that happen our most high-end product, Incode Enterprise, is one that in most cases require research and an implementation-project closely together with the Customer. Using relevant statistics will tell you more about who your Customers are, and when they can be found at specific locations. Feeding this data into Incode will allow you to optimize the effect of your digital screens.


Incode Enterprise includes pre-sales and sales, through our CRM "light" and sales/pricing module, distribution through our advanced playlist generator built on highly customizable business rules, reporting for internal and external use, and invoice data for integration with your ERP/finance system.


In association with Airmagine we have adapted the system to drive the advertising screens at Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup. 

Airmagine is responsible for sales and distribution of digital advertising at Copenhagen Airport. We have developed Incode towards airport advertising together with the Incode team, so that we can play back digital signage based on intelligent business rules in the airport. This enables us to plan advertising towards 15 specific target groups. The digital setup is based on big data, including surveys and traffic information from the airport. It is a unique and complex solution, and one that is not seen anywhere else in the out of home market. Our cooperation with the Incode team has worked well, and they have displayed a fantastic understanding for our business throughout the entire process.

- Rasmus B. Andersen, Head of Research, Communication & IT, Airmagine